9/14: Made my way north into Tallahassee from Sarasota to stay at my good pal, Craig's, house by the FSU campus. Hoped to wait out some of Tropical Storm Nicholas as it moves over Louisiana. But as the winds are calming down and it's been mostly long bouts of rain I decided to take off the next morning to see how far I can get.

9/15: Hit the road a little after 8AM after saying farewell to my friend of 20+years, making a couple rest stops and finally hit the threshold of Louisiana by a quarter to 1PM. Felt like there was a steady 100+ miles of rainy driving along the way. And as I take a break to stretch (as I recommend we all do on long travels) I'm physically looking forward to more rainy drives ahead... certainly not emotionally. Spiritually, I believe it's cleansing of myself as I transition to a new location and a new lifestyle.

Cheers and here's to discovering clearer skies,

Will 👨‍🌾❤