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I am a Ph.D. Student at Idiap research institute (EPFL). I love writing. I started a blog on tech and Data Science 2 years ago (and published over 200 articles so far).

I publish 1 to 2 articles on Data Science related topics each week! I love this field, and have already written on:

- Speech Processing

- Statistics, 

- Machine Learning, 

- Deep Learning, 

- Reinforcement Learning

- Data Engineering

- Entrepreneurship

- Projects of mine...

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Thanks for this very informative site! I'm starting to build my own site based on your theme setup. Cheers!

Wow thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed the website, feel free to send me your website by email when you're done, I'd be really curious to see the outcome :)

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Thanks man. You inspired me!

Thank you very much for the support, it means a lot to me !

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Thank you so much for the support !