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Fill Your Boots is the Grassroots Rugby Player Exchange. Making Rugby matches happen using social media.

Since October 2015, Fill Your Boots has been helping grassroots Rugby clubs all over, trying to help them find those extra players in order to Make Games Happen. 

We have created a network of over 10,000 people on social media including over 1000 Rugby clubs, all created, maintained and run by a volunteer, Sean Phelan.

Every person or club that follows us on social media has found us through word of mouth...

Imagine if with a little bit in the bank how many more Rugby clubs we could help...

We plan to invest all money raised into a few different places...

1. General maintenance & upkeep of & social channels

2. Facebook ads in order to reach more people

3. Produce exciting grassroots rugby content.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Alex Liddell
Alex Liddell bought a beer.

Love this group, really nice to see support in the rugby community!

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Catherine Anthony
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A swift one is always a good way to toast a job well done, cheers to the top play and welcome to all things new. Cheers to you from us at Stafford ladies RUFC 🍻 

Thanks Catherine. You should now have an email from me. Cheers. Sean

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