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Blood Fairy - Poetic Fantasy Mandala Colouring Book


Hi, I’m Claire Allured, an independent Social Artist with a passion project:

FaceConscious is an interactive, social arts project, and my adopted stage name. The project promotes constructive self-expression for authentic living, and connection of all kinds: with the self, with others, with collective environment. With creative expression, the inner self is channeled, manifested and available for reflection, and communication with others; a powerful tool for deeper self knowledge and connection.

Always striving to inspire free flow creativity and community connection:

Story Time with FaceConscious is a Community Arts Project.

I’ve spent 100’s of hours creating poetic fantasy short stories, inspired by life and dreams, illustrated by line art mandalas…which I’d love for you to colour in! I project to produce an augmented reality experience using community created artwork. 

All involvement is welcomed, all kinds of creativity welcomed, so feel free to sign up to my blog for weekly story mandalas:

Donations to help support the work I do is greatly appreciated and will go far, thank you.

…also I love coffee ;)