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Our show explores the world's most compelling technologies and events through 80's movies, music, and television!

In Falken's Maze, technologist and former professor Jason Thomas explores the intersection of technology, history, and culture. If you like the show, please consider buying me a hot tea. I loooovvveeeesss tea. Especially jasmine green tea :)

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I think I said enough in my feedback message. Enjoy the hot beverage of your choice!

Donny bought 3 teas.

Really enjoying the podcast, keep up the great work! 

Thanks Donny!! I VERY much appreciate your support!

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Hi Jason.  Love the podcast.  As a 48YO lifetime IT guy you're doing an excellent job reminding me of the reasons I entered the field that I love so very much.  Keep up the great work and never ditch that music you play out with, it's great!

Thanks so much!!!! I'm glad you like the show. Yeah that music is great. I love it too!

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Great podcast. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Ben! I hope you listened to the most recent show. I name dropped you :)