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Hi ! Thank you for reading this :) If you are interested in supporting me, you're at the right place !
If you landed here by accident or don't really know me, here's a little paragraph where I talk about me :
I'm first of all an aspiring game maker. I currently am a modder, mostly for the game Satisfactory ( My goal is to make mods (and other things, applications or bots for example) to get some practice and accumulate knowledge about developing, game-making and computer science in general. I am a very curious guy who wants to get good.
More on the real life side, I'm a 17 CS student living with 2 roommates. I'm french but speak english pretty good.

All of that might be a bit personal but I don't want to be a stranger to you if you think about supporting me :)

If you decide to donate to me, you would make my day ! Having supporters behind me would boost my confidence (a resource I lack) and reassure me. Being a student, I also kind of need money x)

Anyone that donates to me should feel welcomed to send me a mod or mod update suggestion ! It doesn't mean that I 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 do it but I will certainly hold it in a higher place that everyone else's

Thank you for reading me, and I hope I didn't scare you off :)