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I'm Ariana, founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainable living. I share tons of helpful tips, tricks and DIYs to help you stay as low waste as possible.

Thanks for stopping by! Greenify-Me is a free resource that I put tons of time, effort and research into. Posts can take anywhere from one to two days to complete. Please buy me a tea to show your support and help me keep going. Thanks so much! 
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Hi Ariana, thanks for all the info you put out there, I don’t always get to read your blogs but have picked up lots along the way and am very much enjoying seeing your journey and learning from you on my own journey. I’m sorry to hear of your sad news this year, I’m wishing you and all of us, a better year in 2021, love and best wishes, Debbie xx

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Donna Schnei
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Ariana I have to say you are an amazing woman! You care so much for the world and everyone living.  I have to thank you for you do in making this world a better place Love you cuz!

Barbara Pink
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You are such a lovely lady Ariana . I wish you al the best and all your dreams come true. You helped me a lot in my zero waste journey. I wish you millions of followers. Love from Ba

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