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How did i get into 3D printing?

My first 3D printer was a present from my wife who was amazed by this “magic thing” she saw on Amazon. The “magic thing” was a Da Vinci XYZ Jr Pro! It was the hobby I never knew I needed and very quickly 3D printing became an obsession. The hobbyist market was very niche back then and we were all learning through trial and error. I soon upgraded to a machine that didn’t require the worlds most expensive filament and moved on to a Creality CR-10 which was regarded as the ultimate home user machine at the time. Yes, really! Unfortunately I had the agonising wait for the boat to arrive from China as there was not one single stockist in the western world! Thankfully I had just found out about the wonders of slicing software which filled the weeks until the CR-10 arrived, and yes, another very steep learning curve!


What is the main attraction for me with 3D printing?

There isn’t one thing, there are multiple elements that really do it for me! Filament ranks pretty high on the list, I like nothing better than using a massive variety of materials and pushing the boundaries of what can and can’t be printed with it! Once I understand the filament I am working with I can really make it perform for me, hence my name – Filament Frenzy! My experience has allowed me to be in the privileged position of using exclusive pre-release filament and suggest changes in those materials before they are released, hopefully giving the end user a better print from start to finish.

I am really interested in the whole 3D printing process, starting with the engineering of the machine and the “how and why” of the hardware and what can be fine tuned to improve the whole process, with the blessing of the manufacturers who supply me with the machine for this very reason. Another passion and probably my favourite part of printing is creating a slicer profile that will allow that machine to consistently produce the desired standard for everyone. I am a great advocate of #ShareLearnGrow because the support I received from the majority of the 3D printing community helped me realise my ambitions and overcome some steep learning curves. I always make time to help people, no matter how inexperienced, because that was once me!

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