Finding the Blend LLC is a comprehensive life coach service that specializes in helping women increase their confidence and gain a peace of mind as they navigate through the process of being within a blended family. Stemming from the life coach service is Finding the Blend Podcast, which is a platform for all things Blended Family. We are aiming to turn Finding the Blend into THEEE go to podcast and resource for all things blended family related but, we need your help! Being a creative is expensive and building a platform of this magnitude takes work. It's impossible to pour from an empty cup so I'm asking that you fill ours with coffee :). Buying us a coffee will enable us to continue providing great episodes aimed at helping you to find the blend that will make navigating your blended family dynamic easier. It's a win win! Finding the Blend Podcast is a positive, yet raw, podcast aimed at inspiring, educating and changing the mindset surrounding step moms and blended families alike. Please help us to continue producing this podcast by donating today. Any amount is appreciated!