I'm having so much fun making these, it's like creating my own golden tickets. It's like my own printing press... hmm I have to start working on that site and creating another video and blend it all. Just imagine, that is just me... do you see the power in creating something and then creating your own affiliate program. There are over 100,000 people grooving like little buzzing bees and you can create all that in groove funnels with their amazing - make your own pro affiliate program, plus be an affiliate with groove funnels and get the best of both by telling your members/network of acquaintances/future affiliates to join groove to build their pages in that system to promote you and their own things, along with them being able to share groove. Wow, huh... So even if you don't win the prizes, you are gonna win. Where am I lacking in my promoting, my own email capture... and how would I do that, but creating something that goes with this that is of value... maybe promo templates or a booklet on groove features and how to use them... and that would build my list while doing the win-win affiliate promoting without missing a single seed or nugget falling through the funnel. One thing creating funnels and webpages really does for your brain, is it forces you to think with the end in mind and work backwards in a mind map and that is the same skill that helps you in visioning for life manifestations. So it's all win-win. Get your free account and learn in the environment while you can just the get your mind stirring, whether you stay in the groove or go play in another playground. It will shift you in a new world of thought...

I'm just gonna run with the free golden tickets and backstage passes... music is my best teacher and it's just getting on stage that is frightening. This is an easier stage to practise on. We are all in this theatre and when you really start realizing it, getting past the fear gate and opening that door and just walking on thru it and trying stuff in all the multi arena's on various planes, it start breathing a little easier. My friend Eddie, he loves being in the center of the stage. I just keep vibing off his confidence and making it second nature. Doesn't matter what costume you put on and role you play, it's all the same kinda system and networking. You can hate it or love it. You love it more when you are doing what you love and doing it for your own joy and happiness. That seems to spread that contagion... now that's a good virus. That's how I'm looking at all this goings on in the world, kinda by not looking at it and putting my own glasses of choice on while viewing my own life menu. It's a wonderful halogram in all arenas, when you design your own... Light's Camera Action... Focus all in one, the blend of the beingness aligning in all aspects of your flow. Make Believe Know Know Know... I love that word, yes and know and maybe so... it is.

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