I wanted to put a new spin on the material to attract beings that like the darker energies, the goths, the vampires, the darklings and even the metal heads to enjoy new thoughts through these expressions of sound and teachings in vibration and frequency. I love the sound in this, so expressive and uplifting from possibly times of lower vibration to uprising bliss.

Feeling and emotions become another entity of energy, of you and you. Momentum of feeling builds into a energy of force to bust out into an impulse of action. It's like adjectives and writing a description to make the picture more descriptive and clearer. The more fuel you give the fire, the more it grows in your thought(s) bon fire to bon voyage, like the flames under your rocket ship. Rising in the yeast of the bread, it's all incubating, gestating and it brews in whatever thought you entertain and grow the party of thought into, until a bad ingredient or villain thought comes in and bursts that bubble or punches down the rise in the dough. Vibing in a thought brings clarity and it even takes out and resolves the kinks. Just pay attention to your thoughts, steer them back after you recognize the blocks and chains, steer them in a total rewrite from the recall. Rewrite your whole story if you want, anything to get you past the road block and that looping pattern that is keeping you from moving forward into your desire. Know what that new desire is, instead of looking at what you think current is and create a new e-motion into your current news and headline. Create your own breaking news and cover story, then fill the pages of your new story. Bridging is a break through in a past contrasting though that you resisted to work through to get to the other side, it became a barrier, a shield, a wall, a mental block that you are now facing and breaking through in a new light of thought and perceiving it now differently. Married to is a thought you are committed to and labelled, and it's like a magnify glass. Married to a thought can be bliss or misery depending how you look at it and what you constantly think about that "thought person that we can call a entity or partner energy that we created a relationship with and stirred deep emotional investment into." The one in your mind temple (the house of cards, thoughts, energy archtypes or emotional characters), that one thing or card that holds you back or that one thing that rocks your boat or that one thing that rockets you to the moon and back. Dance that tango til you are back in love again and can forever embrace it. You came into agreement with it and now it has a contract with you and you can renegotiate that contract, rewrite it or dissolve it, it's up to you. There are many angels or angels to this flow of thinking, and their contrasts. It's all in how you think and create your "current" reality. The state you have put yourself in, by thought emotions that creates the motions in your life, like a meeting of thought that you motion forward it... a vote and an agreement to carry forward.

Continued from my youtube description... (wrote above)

You and you motion to go a head with it. You high self or the thing that works with you in this thinking stuff, really doesn't care either way, it has it's own stuff but you ideally are the boss that steers that ship and when you think of thoughts and being a driver steering, you can only go one direction in the thought or you get pulled apart. You gotta choose to go one way or another at that yoke, or crossing. Y=why and then flow in it, the strongest current thought decides the course of action. When uncertain you can neutral, but you can only hoover so long, eventually you got to pick up speed in a course, that is the momentum of your thought process and it goes up and down and in circles, til you tap in and get really turned on in a direction that of course you really dig and get into it and go all gusto and gung ho on. What are you magnifying and your emotions will guide you is that hot or cold, stop or go. Finally, the one to be really married to. The best match, the greatest alignment to your strongest, feeling, emotional thoughts. That is where you align the two parallels, the desire, the thought, into the entity and 123 you are lifting off, all missions are ready for take off. Lights on, Camera's Focus, and Action. Ignite in range, target locked on and fire in that direction. Go on a positive rampage, even from a not so great feeling thought and flip it into a better thought til you are soaring. There so many analogies, but your boat can only go gently down the stream or battle up the stream, car can only go forward easily or you are looking in that rearview mirror going backwards, you can only steer one direction and you the hit the crossing, you can't be a walking contradiction, you gotta pick a direction at the fork (ah, fahk). That's as simple as this gets and you choose the pace and how long you dwell there or change it up. You know it's red hot and hot and ready when you feel it get so intense you can't handle the build up, it's burst or go for it. That your whole spinal alignment, from your mind (vagus nerve to your genitals and up again) that is the surge of sexual transmutation energy that is the driving force and tells you it's game on baby and ideas get you turned on just like nature takes it's course in all things. Running wild through the woods like Artemis hunting her targets of desire. All analogies to get in the vortex, that tunnel surfing the wave or silver surfing your high flying disk and doing ollie's on your skate board. Getting in that sweet spot and milking it, spraying those waves with your fin while water skiing and just letting go, forgetting the skills now (stop thinking about it) and allowing trusting, just getting in the zone and enjoying the movement of the ride of life. It takes time to get in to the hoover craft and ride that v twin harley without thinking about it. MHD

Love and Hugs...

Fiona Blackstar

I really wanted to get this in my head and to share it with others, to help lift off their life and leave breakthrough all the debrise behind.

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