Last nights all nighter... how did a simple logo idea turn into a media brochure? I hear voices... hehe Some diversions are a good thing.... it's all good, more content. That's the magick in the action. The first step is the hardest as they say, but from there, it's goes on and on. Only your thoughts about things stop it. I was creating in Canva, there is endless possiblity in there... this how I created this and you can tweak things in other applications, like your photo and video editor.

Here's Groove media brochure promoting online presence with live streaming and video integration for any artist, creator, ideapreneur. Build an audience and us mailing distribution. Video callins for action... buy now, join membership, pay to continue feed... just too sweet. Sell merch in single page sell or full blow shopping catalogue kart upsell funnel. It's a brave new world and the countdown is on... get free account or upgrade to save and make better future holdings. This is my dream builder in so many ways (mobile picasso with monet) and the free account is my gift to you... while i can extend that gift only to october 18th If enjoy the gift that keeps giving and wanna share in the giving to receiving; i can send you my canva templates to modify your own brochure to start with, just change a few images and the links to make it your own and that will get your creative juices rolling in sharing and creating your project ideas in the pages of groove to experiment with and maybe set up sell checkout on an idea. Once you start playing you really get rolling and the ether starts to work with you in idea flashes and hunches like a davinci and tesla lab.

Speaking of which, did you know that you can export groove pages and then move them on another groove account... I still have to explore what other things you can do with the export feature. They also have import, so it's just a copy past in <> and publish, which is really sweet if you got that page perfect because that has a few things to iron out on the after editting... however it beats remaking everything if your current site elsewhere is mint. So getting back to the exporting gig, if someone wants a website done for them because of time or they are not as graphic designer savvy as you... you could get them into a free account to upgrade into under you and get them up and running. That beauty with that, is that your work will keep paying you, either from the one time upgrade extra perk til October or in residual in monthly subscription residuals from hosting if they got in after the October deadline and onward depending when they got their site put up and running. There unlimited ways of doing things with the groove building system. You just have to think, think, think... and the beauty is, no issues, tech support or worrying about down time or server reliability. Groove is freakin a dream machine. Free accounts end on October 18th and I'm steam rolling with a website idea, right as I speak... gonna put all those free templates into action and then hire some Fiverr contractors to help me with some ideas. Get your account here to activate your creative power

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