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Tonight story in the trenches and swirling in the funnels... So, I've shared the basic free groove account, some of you might wonder what is the difference from a free account to a full blown, ugraded groove funnel account. Well they have have link for that too... click, click, what are we going to oz, no we are going to a new canvas. lol!

Let's have a look together... hurry, get your spectacles and have a boo in creating some projects, oh hurdles of turtles, your acting too slow, here's a looking glass. Time for me to recap this beautiful story of online business and tools that create a whole another world of endless creativity to flourish..

The digital garden for master-pieces to bloom and flourish, one idea seed at a time.... Tick, tick.

Don't be late that clock is ticking, the market is large now and you are just the right size, to get in that free door, but it's all going to resize, before you realize into a new subscription and that golden door will close, to a bigger ticket admission and all the little ones that didn't go wee wee wee all the way home, will be left behind. Sorry it's life, it's not unkind. It's not like you weren't told. Now let me show you the windows of opportunity.

Sigh, I keep plotting.... lol, but I need to just get in there and sow my seeds and weave my dreams... before time passes me by and I end up in a ... Woe, let's not go there Alice... To the moon baby! Woe and Woe, hmmm interesting, what an interesting contrast of a word. Smack, would you focus... you're not a very funny, bunny are you?

Ah, but I'm still sulking about my other host and that is what we do about a lot of things in life... like breakups and losses, one foot in and one foot out, that damn rear view, are you still being ass backwards, ah yeah, sometimes... just let it go, cut the losses if they result and plant a new garden of eden and damn it, look forward to the new harvest.

Maybe the old will revive after the scorching in it's nitrates and it is so lucky to have a root that survives with a faint heart beat to return back to life; if so, then you have have two blessing to be thankful for. Oh maybe, s-may-bee... just drop the hoe and go rake in some dough. lol

Ok... if not, you didn't waste time mopping lol, yeah those puddles of tears, but I meant moping about it. Same samey. Well I didn't really, I made more videos waiting to be uploaded with held up links to vip2it. lol

Yes, but you could be growing in a new plot for an even better harvest. Dare to dream bigger! and stop darning socks. Knit, knit, knit, ok just pick it and love it.

Yes, that is the a great idea! It's not like looking at better grass, it's like the grass got torched and it's time for a new flame on and when not looking, things start to rekindle.... yes, sort of, but just this one wont burn you.

Like they say, burnt once, twice shy... Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Hmm, something to learn from little red. Why does everything turn into a story???... oh, I love stories.

Now let's get back in the groove, shall we... with the big grin and gleaming teeth, I decided to walk with stripes into the best platform in digital marketing. He winked at me and said... your story is just waiting to be told... let's get it sold! Everything is for sale my dear, you just need to give it that special touch, create a desired value, set or let it name it's own price and then you can bundle it up.

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