"You don't know what love is. I will teach you." his lustful voice made her shiver. His hot hands were roaming freely around her body, making her jolt in a unique sensation she never felt before.

Veronica was a pure-hearted, innocent girl who was content to live a peaceful life - until he came along. What was it about this mysterious man that made her heart beat so fast? Why did his very gaze send her into fits of happiness and despair? Why did his touch make her tremble all over?

Was she always this sensual? Or was it he who made her like this?

As much as Veronica tried, she simply could not tear herself away from him. He makes her feel something that no one else can do. Is this what people call happiness? The darkness of a human heart is capable of destroying this so-called happiness...

Let’s pray she will be able to protect her heart from being tainted by the darkness or fate has other plans for her.

Tags: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Mystery, R-19, Mature, Smut