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I'm here to help give you practical marketing ideas and get you started with your marketing so that you fall in love with it.

Right now, during the Coronavirus, I am putting my plans to launch my online school on hold. I have 3 primary aged kids at home, two are autistic, and I have to prioritize!

I'm doing daily #CoronaCuppa live videos on my Facebook page to give you some company and am also producing a blog full of practical ideas for marketing your small business during the crisis, and after we come out of it too. 

I feel my skills are best served giving you as much free advice and support as I can right now so I'm asking you to buy me a cup of coffee if my words have helped (a medium skinny capp, extra hot, with chocolate (and a slice of carrot cake 😂)

Much love and please reach out if you need to

We all need to support each other right now

With love and marketing, Michelle x

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