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It's all about the magical world of storytelling - how those old traditional oral tales have been re-imagined through the medium of film... across the world and across the ages.


Whether you have discovered us recently, or have been checking us out for the past few years - we hope you have seen something that has caught your interest, or inspired further research.

This project would be nothing without our Folklore Film Fans community - so thank you eternally for your support. We have loads of new themes to explore and this month, back by popular demand, is one of our favourites - #AutomatonJune.

Legends and myths featuring Automata can be traced as far back as Greek mythology --- and examples can be found in cultures across the world. Stick around for some weird and wonderful automata, and please do join in and share some of your discoveries!


Please feel free to leave us requests and suggestions... and do please buy us a coffee!

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