Inspired by our good friends and fellow travellers in the Folklore Thursday community, an idea took shape for a Folklore Film Festival. Although there were loads of interested people and organisations, sadly the project didn't get off the ground (perhaps it still will?). The Folklore Film Fans twitter page was initially started to promote the festival. However, the mission of the page started to gradually change over time.

We were absolutely blown away by how quickly the page clocked up new followers - several hundred in a week; over a thousand in a month or so, and still growing fast! We had to act quickly to create brand new content and images previously unknown on twitter! Good thing we're intrepid researchers with top-notch sleuthing skills. Add to this our newly acquired GIF making skills and we were off like a rocket!

We started our research at Folklore Film ground-zero - zombie, vampire, witch, and werewolf films. We also plundered the work of the great Ray Harryhausen, George Pal, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and all those childhood favourites that either had a folklore, mythology or fairytale connection. And the floodgates opened!

We have 'discovered' treasures from across the world. The Soviet Union produced some of the most fantastic and groundbreaking Folklore cinema ever made. The Baltic states have brought forth some truly remarkable animation. Czech cinema can lay claim to some of the wackiest, most creative and often disturbing Folklore Film narratives imaginable. And the list goes on...

We currently have a database of thousands of Folklore Films from across the world. Our GIF archive also includes thousands of purpose made extracts showcasing some of the most exceptional cinema ever created. We're still learning; still hard at it and always delighted when we come across something new.

It does take time and a fair bit of dedication to keep creating new and interesting content. Of course we love doing it, and we know our work is well received as our twitter community keeps growing (usually we gain around 500-750 new followers per month), but it would be such a fantastic boost if we could earn a few quid doing it! No-one plans to retire or give up day jobs (no matter how detestable they may be), but by donating a few quid to this site you'll be showing your appreciation and support for the biggest Folklore Film Fans around.