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Help Folklore Friday grow! Currently working hard for sponsors, no dice yet. Doing the podcast right now is basically a part time job, with out pay. I put a lot of time and heart into making the podcast!  By donating to the show you would helping  pay for equipment, and hopefully one day making it possible for me to put out more episodes possibly once a week. With more donations I could afford licensed background music and sound effects to one day do more dramatized stories.

My goal is to turn Folklore Friday into a weekly podcast, and one day a travel show where I would travel to different areas of the world and explore their local legends. I dream of visiting places and hearing about their cultures from experts. Everything from Mythology to monsters to urban legends! I believe that Folklore is underrated and we can learn a lot about legends from the past that helped shaped communities into societies. And of course the Lore that we have today in the modern world. By donating you're helping me come one step closer to making this dream a reality!!


I was a theatre kid that grew up watching The X Files and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. As time went on I watched shows like those and I wanted to know where these monsters and myths came from. The Podcast is half history and half tv and film reviews.

Now I am in love with folklore, mythology, legends, all of it! I'm knee deep in folklore and history about what it says about a culture of where they were at in their development as a society, and why we use it in entertainment. Recently my husband has turned into my co-host. Watching shows and movies together was something that centered us during the Pandemic. I am so grateful for his love and support. But mostly that he makes me laugh. I know I can fart in front of him and he'll still love me. He'll spray my butt with febreze but he still tells me he loves me. 

Career wise I am an Artist and Graphic Designer. Ultimately though I dream that Folklore Friday can one day become a Travel Show. 

Tv and Movies became my escape growing up. It was something that centered me in a chaotic and unstructured environment. It taught me to laugh, taught me about war, and helped me imagine that better days were ahead. Mostly it inspired me to research the storylines I was watching to see what was factual and what was hollywood.

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