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Heya lovelies, my name is Sarah, I created For Suds Sake in 2020 - my partner and I have a total of 5 children, including one little girl who is almost 1 yr old. 
I started out watching soap making videos and completely fell in love with the craft, quickly followed by bath bombs, bubble bars and well everything else we make! 
I truly feel blessed to be able to create unique designs to share with the world and I appreciate your support throughout my journey.  If you know me, you know how fitting it is to “Buy Me a Coffee”! I’m definitely a coffee addict. 

I don’t like to push “donations” on people, at all. I just thought this would be a bit of fun for those that may want to help out but are unable to purchase my bath and body products. However one of my main aims is to make affordable, fun and Sudding Amazing products for all the family 💚