- I do not claim to be an expert, or a botanist.

- Don't trust me, do your own research; verify every plant ID with multiple, trusted references. Always know the poisonous look-alikes.

- I will provide some references to get you started in your research.

- I don't know everything and am open to new ideas.

- Please familiarize yourself with the dangers of wild foraging. This is strictly an information service. Proper identification of all edible plants is strictly encouraged but I take no responsibility for your health or actions. Individuals are responsible for their own actions and safety. Some wild foods can be extremely toxic if mis-identified. Some people can have a bad reaction to unfamiliar foods. Carelessness can result in injury and/or death.

- You must personally take time to study plant identification and familiarize yourself with the dangers of wild foraging; before doing your own harvesting.

Never eat any wild plant you cannot 100% identify!