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Hey 👋 

My name is Francis and I am a musician for the band Wucan. I play a bunch of instruments and I sing and write songs as well. 

Music has been my favourite thing ever since I was a child and I have always dreamed of making a career as a musician. I kinda did that! 

I have been focusing on creating a video series on Instagram called „record ramblings“ during the pandemic, since my band and I cannot play shows at the moment. 

If you feel like buying me a coffee or two, feel free to do that. It is much appreciated! 
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Lena bought a book.

Eure Musik ist super und dich auf der Bühne zu sehen ist einfach toll. Macht weiter so!

Danke Lena!!! Es bedeutet mir unheimlich viel!

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Thx 🥰🥰🥰

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Stay safe and healthy! Cheers from Hamburg ❤️ 

Danke 😍😍😍

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Ich unterstütze dich und deine Band gerne

Dankeschööön 🥰 das bedeutet uns viel ✨