These are the videos i’ve done

Urgent Message To The Mob

“Don’t Listen To The Media, Gov or Drs”.

Tell The Children The Truth Series

Deaths and injury caused by The C🦠r🦠na Vir🤢s Vacc💉ne?

Warning – language may offend, contains graphic images

Genocide 2021 (Series)

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 –

Episode 3 –

How Covid Is Affecting Aboriginal Communities In Australia

NB Trigger and Language Warning – Emotional scenes and offensive language

It’s like a different world for our First Nations People in Australia, given fines for getting essentials, forced to stay home even with negative tests, removed from the home and taken to isolation centres because they are high risk. Families told they cannot receive life saving medical treatment unless they receive the covid vaccine, families unable to access medical centres and hospitals, food or access to support.

We are a close knit community, cut off from eachother, our elders are without support, the young ones are doing it tough and testing already struggling communities.

Here is a compilation of videos you can find on social media, sharing stories of real people living in our outback towns, reserves and missions.

Apologies, it’s really really rough but I’m working on my phone.

Radio Docos My Son Tiga and I Have Done

Radio Docos Ive done (with my boy)

4 Generations of Black Story Tellers Podcast

Decolonise Your Diet (DYD) Complete series links

Interview with Professor Kerrin O’Dae In just seven weeks eating bushtucker, mob who returned to the bush from the city lost weight and all their health markers (insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) normalized.“Traditional Approaches To Health” – Interview with Clint Bussy – We discuss Historical Diet transition/ Health transition, Food security and health benefits of traditional 


MA Mujik

Aunty Teila Watson Aka Ancestress is on this track with heaps of other deadly mob. I’m up last

Invasion Day Idle No More Mixtape 

TRACK 3 Download elders tribute free here 🙂 By Alice Haines, Kaiyu Bayles and mob

Im on track 2, 10 and 12 of this album.

Can’t wait to get back in the studio n record some mujik