The countdown is on, the last 10 days!!!!

We are still on track making one necklace a day for 30 days. Yes, we have reached our fundraising goals but we still have a few more necklaces and bracelets until the marathon ends.

Update -

#12 Being sent to Aunty Maggie

#13 being sent to Reilly

#14 being sent to Johnny

#15a being sent to Johnny

15b being sent to Erin

#16 being sent to Mara

#17 being sent to Mara

#18 being sent to Gabbi

We have a few people yet to send addresses for their gifts, will update list as we get more names

(2 bracelets are counted as 1 necklace)

Blog posts about the fundraiser -

From every single family member, we say thank you to each and every person who has sent love and support our way. We are so grateful for your loving kindness

Big love Kaiyu n Tribe 🖤💛❤️🙏🔥✨✨✨✨

PS Here is a video of Our Journey Back To Kuntry -