Having just announced the new monthly 'Supplier Spotlight' feature about 'Bedrooms Plus' in Scotland, I didn't want my US-based subscribers to feel left out. So here is a 10% discount off any Starbond Adhesives products. Just add the code FREEBIRD at checkout.

(See below for a UK supplier, or if you are elsewhere, it's still worth asking either supplier about shipping to further afield).

What's So Good about Starbond Adhesives?

As you know, I am keen to keep my recommendations genuine, and my primary affiliation to you, my audience. So when companies approach me with offers I often say no, especially when the products are not directly relevant (recent examples: a watch company, a water pump, and even more Chinese laser levels which had already taking too much of my time!!).

However when Starbond adhesives approached me, I was both intrigued and impressed by the product range on their website; with usage ideas I had never even thought of; and new insights about shelf life and quality.

To be honest with you, I used to think superglue/CA glue was all much the same stuff (except for those watery little tubes they sell at the corner shop), and since I had found the activator/accelerator sprays to be cross compatible I wasn't too picky about which brand I purchased.

Last week I tried the Starbond Medium Glue combined with masking tape as a temporary hold down method for small parts on the CNC. (I've been working on new designs for the cupholder and chip tray inserts for The Freebird Gaming Table.)

The hold was excellent (I only detached that part at bottom right of the first image with some force after the cutting was complete).

But also I could see how the whole presentation of the product adds value.

The 2oz bottle I used seemed a sensible size for tradesmen who typically use this kind of product occasionally for mitres etc. But they also come in 1oz and 16oz (a large size that is rare for this type of adhesive, but perfect for extensive users such as Derek Barrett with his famous fast shaker door manufacturing method!)

Also, the tip and cap are well thought-out, with the bottle having just the right balance of rigidity and flex to dispense neat drops of glue without mess. A spare standard tip and cap is supplied, as well as multiple disposable super fine dispensing tips which are going to make small repair jobs WAY easier.

Even if you're as slapdash as I can be about cleaning tips when I'm working in a rush, you're not going to get into too much trouble with this set.

You may as well just read more about the range direct on their website, where you can find information on other uses such as knot and crack filling, and high gloss finishes for woodturning.

Buying in the UK

You can also find these glues via their UK supplier here:


PS: I also used the Starbond glue for quick bonding of parts like the rear projecting lips that help to hold these cupholders in place in a rebated groove.

Although I intend to add screws or other mechanical joints to the final products, using CA glue for these prototypes allowed me to quickly test the designs. I had no issues with the strength! The material used was Valchromat.