“Listen, son, I’ll tell you what a woman is!” said Father, finishing his fourth bottle of cheap strong beer. - You understand: the main thing is not to be afraid of her. Did you see a woman? Wanted her? Forward! But in this case, it is a mistake to strive "not to lose." You see, the one who does nothing never fails either. First of all, you need to set yourself up for victory, and then everything will be in your hands! So, remember: you can get any woman if you really want and try! You hear, l-y-y-y-y: whether she is Miss World or the daughter of an oligarch. You just learn: never show a woman how much you like her. He said "I love you! .." - consider that everything is gone. If she is sure that you really need her, then she loses all interest in you. Why is that? Oh, you will grow up and understand that the world is ruled by ... what? Love? Do not make me laugh! Money? Oh, despicable paper, which is always in short supply! ..