Submissions will open for issue 4 of Frost Zone Zine on April 5. The guidelines and terms do change from issue to issue so please read -

Some of the changes for issue 4:

  • token payment for short stories above 2500 words is being increased by a couple of dollars

  • new non-paying opportunities, will be free to read on the website: drabble, and flash fiction

  • no poetry this time (FZZ loves poetry, but more on that in a future post).

  • no print copy option for payment this time - it's a logistics thing. This type of compensation could resume when/if Frost Zone Zine changes to small print runs.

  • drabble and flash fiction will be published on the website, not necessarily in the e or paper books. (Some selections might be).

  • short stories will be published in the books, not necessarily on the website (Some selections might be).

  • the issue is not themed, but seasonal (summer) settings are welcome.

The expected publishing date for issue 4 is early-mid June.

Submissions for issue 5 of Frost Zone ZIne will open in July.

This will be the last issue of 2021. (The winter issue will be published in January),
Issue 5 is the right one for any autumn or early winter, seasonal or holiday-themed stories.

The plan is to publish issue 5 online (SOME content), eBook, and print-on-demand paperback.
The expected publishing date for issue 5 TBD closer to that time.

The submissions period for issue 6 is TBD. The issue will be published in 2022, and the print format may be changing or may be discontinued. also TBD.