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I'm just a random dude on the internet, working on what I love. I edit videos and code programs with a side of playing video games :D

Hello! :wave: My name is Elijah! Also known as FrustratedProgrammer.

I started at the young age of 12 coding on a site called Khan Academy. I coded PJS, CSS and HTML for much longer than I should've, 3 years later I started coding for the first time coding somewhere else. I started making bots for the chat platform Discord. None of my bots turned out great, but it was an amazing learning experience and brought me out of my comfort zone.

After that I kinda explored coding, I've made things in Java, I've made Mods for Minecraft, I've coded applications using Electron, I've made Websites, I've made games with Unreal Engine, and I've made apps using Nativescript. Now I'm focusing on Video Editing, playing around, editing videos & having fun doing it.

Thank you for visiting my page, whether you donate or not!