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We are volunteers that are try our best to feed the strays and help with TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccine-Release/Adopt) whenever we can.

Currently we are mainly taking care four stray family: Ninja, Dou Ding, Black White and Black Mama, all of them are female cat, it breaks our heart to see them giving birth constantly, and most of their babies don't manage to get through adulthood.

That's why we believe TNVR is one of the best way to help them from this chain of struggle.
Our small home is full with rescued, adopted cat for now, there is limit in our strength to help other cats, so we hope with the your support, we can progressively improve our strays family life gradually, or even to help more strays kitty in need.

All of the donation will be use for feeding the strays furries or as fund for their vaccination & Neutering plan. We have dedicated to do our best to foster a stray a time till he/she is done with vaccination and neutering, lastly, hopefully for he/she to get adopted ( if not TNVR cat will be release back to where their initially place is ), before moving to the next cat that in need of rescue of TNVR.

We also run a small youtube channel (Furries In Wander) to share our feeding, rescue or some funny cat videos here:

We also have a Facebook page (Furries in wander) for our updates here:

Why TNVR for strays?

In our many years of stray cat feeding, we noticed the problem with strays is they duplicate in a extreme fast pace, but most of their kitty will end up dying in a cruel way, either from malnutrition (not getting enough milk/care from mother), guts infection, virus attack, predator hunt, some even ate by other cats and more. we tried rescuing numbers of baby kittens in need but their survivor rate is still too low, this is just one way of natural selection for them. As for adult cats, the male cat are force to fight to keep their territory, which end up dying from injury or illness, the female cat are force to non-stop reproduce and risking their life consistently from child birth.

We understand this is the path of nature, but WE LOVE CATS and it really hurts and breaks our heart to see all this precious baby going through all this constantly.

Thank you for reading till here, please support TNVR and pets adoption.
Pets food sponsoring and neutering cost supporting are greatly welcome, as we can only do so much with our bare hand.

You can also support our youtube video to help us to grow:

On going TNVR case
*After our capturing and monitoring of Black White, we found out she's actually pregnant, we are waiting for her to give birth, then proceed with her TNVR.

Our successful case of Trap - Neutered - Adopted case: