Where are you going 🤨Good food eat eat 😸Eating from spoon, such clever 🧐Ninja mama favorite eating position 🤣Even Black White is doing it 😲Yes, during our feeding, there's this nice gentleman just walk over and pass us this 🥰 THANK YOU SIR!! Here's the three sister 😸😼😸Papaya is posting for us today 😅 That's rare, well let's take a nice picture for her 😸Marble girl is sweet and gentle 😘And who might this pretty girl be????? is Carrot!!! 😹THIS IS ALSO CARROT IN HER FUNNY FACE 🙀This is Mei Li, she a outdoor cat of this house, she is always around the car porch, today she walk to us and ask for food, so we just leave her some 😙I even make a GIF of her 😜