Today we arranged some time to look for our dog friends 🐶 We do feed them sometime, but seldom feed them all in one 😌 So we got some fresh chicken breast, boiled it🐓, we also got a can of Tuna chunk 🐟, all prepare for our good friend 🐕

First we saw this female TNR dog with a cute TNR puppy 😍
This is the Puppy, she is also neutered, a little young but better than no fixing 👍While feeding the dogs, a nice lady suddenly pass us a piece of FRIED CHICKEN, she says is for the doggy 😋Look at her eyes when she look at the FRIED CHICKEN 🤩There is this timid male dog that is around too, scared to walk toward us, but want food, so we just toss the meat to him 😬Then we saw this friendly female dog, she is delighted to see us too, knowing we have foods for her 🤗Another female dog with small eyes and sweet smile appears 😄
Look at her happy face would you 🥰This is a different male brown dog that follow us for food, what a smart boy 🤓 Female dog noticed I'm taking a picture of her 😏ooopppsss...🤪Full video right here: