Part of this is from Yesterday 😛 We pass by this new area as we have some errand to run, during our errand we saw this sweet mama cat and her three round ginger baby inside a cardboard box 🥰 The mama cat has a collar on her, so someone must be taking care of her, even though the box is actually at the side of a shoplot walk path, we can also found a bottle of kibbles and water nearby, for whoever to feed mama cat (Thank you Hero/Heroine!) 🥳 We then feed her a can of Tuna white meat with sea bream in broth 😻

One of her baby cat is awake and looking at us 😚Awwwwwww, sleeping comfortably 😴😴😴


Thanks to our supportive supporter Cynthia with her sponsor, we decided to take another trip today just to send them more loves ❤️
On our way, we saw this pretty tri cat, asking for some food, so we left her with some kibbles 😸
Here we are again Mama cat and cute babies, very nice to see you 🤭Mama cat is surprise to see us so soon 😽GUESS WHAT!!!! THE PAPA CAT SHOWED HIMSELF !!!!! 😼Papa cat is quite thin 😿Is all right, let's eat together 💏We also left a pack of wet food for the next person to feed them, Thanks a lot for making this happen Cynthia!! They received your loves 😻Mama cat is relive that peoples care about her and her babies 😽Bye babies, we won't be coming over any time soon, cause this is away from our feeding area, but judging with the food and the collar on Mama & Papa cat, we are quite sure our hero/heroine is watching you all 🙂We also manage to feed this White cat around the area, she is actually a girl, but in the video, I forgotten and made a mistake calling her a boy 😅Feeding video is here: