Buy Furuit / You are You through Fruit a coffee


I believe in a transition for communities to adopt a free fruit platform to decrease health care spending and redistribute it to heal and feed man and womankind. The adoption of real food for the body will drop health care spending drastically. Offsetting the cost to Grow, Buy, Transport and Distribute Fruit for Free. The byproduct of a heathy man/womankind is not just physical but mental health correction as well. Through a transition to this platform we will all see profound abilities flourish and societal problems drop across the board. Fruit truly is the answer for a population currently underwater not even close to being Able to breath.  

*please visit back as I rework my designs and repost for you to download / sorry for the temporary inconvenience***

I start with a manifestation implementation platform speaking the need for a free fruit. I created a website to collect what I find. Through this I utilize my graphic design skills and release vector graphics to aid in persons, businesses, communities and organizations to download graphics and phrases to help heal and guide their communities as well as themselves. Vector graphics ready for utilization at sign and garment shops to create full scale signs, contour cut interior wall graphics, t-shirts, hats and other garments, banners and what ever the creative mind can muster up. The vector files are cutting to the truth we all seek and I speak about how I came to find and search to find the truth every day at

My designs are download by donation and ask if value is seen to leave me a donation. If unable to provide monetary assistance I insist you please still download to utilize in any way seen fit to accomplish truth in its highest right. To aid in continued benefit to mother earth and man/womankind as we drop the construct we now find ourselves being freed from. If I resonate with you and you wish to donate within your means, any large amount, trust I will increase my intent to reflect the gift. Thank you.

*please visit back as I rework my designs and repost for you to download / sorry for the temporary inconvenience***

JoesphDublu / Joseph W. Denny