So it's been a hot minute y'all! Some life updates on me and some future plans:

  • IRL: moved from a small 800sft apt to a much better 1800sft house (still renting) changed jobs (same company, but different departments and career path) and generally got my mental *#@$^ together over the past year. I took a real nose-dive with my mental health in 2021 and while I can say that I am feeling better, I needed to take some time off to focus on me. Not that I was a super regular streamer to begin with.

  • Gaming wise:

    • completed Psychonauts 2-- uhh, can I say Ahhhmazing! I loved every bit of the first one and the second is even better.

    • Hubs bought me a Switch for christmas 2021 and have been playing Breath of the Wild to relax during the evenings. Nice! Not planning on streaming this since I want to use it to relax

    • Gotten back into the Sims 4 and have downloaded way too much custom content. Really enjoying the build aspect. I'll be playing this on stream likely.

  • Crafting wise: Been pretty quiet, but have done one or two projects for myself. I have been pretty steady on posting on my personal instagram for these if you'd like to check out more photos.

    • Made myself a custom side-table that looks like Baba-Yaga's house

    • Made an epic ton of 3D printed ornaments and painted them. My favorite being The Great A'Tuin from the Discworld series (GNU Terry Pratchett).

    • Been dawdling on finishing up a RC car mod to look like CatBus from My Neighbor Totoro. I have to finish this before I do any future crafting streams --I'm 80% done with the flocking process and it is super messy.

What's with the name change?

I don't have any good reason, haha. I just didn't like the name stream name Rootabega. I go by so many handles online-- grafficdesigns, Kawawunga, Rootabega, why not FuzzyBeeBum. Also I like the imagery, fuzzy bee butts make me giggle.

What's your future plans for streaming on Twitch?

I'd love to go back to weekend crafting videos and evening game streams after my job. I missed chatting with people and being externally motivated to do things other than surf my phone in the evenings. I'm planning a couple of epic crafting models in the future, but still doing research. Stay tuned!