One of the hardest things for us at G220 Ministries is asking others to support us or donate to our ministry. It always feels uncomfortable to ask for money.

Monthly support to help with the evangelism ministry outreaches we put on, as well as for the radio show we host would be extremely helpful for us but again it is just not something we make a priority or push for.

With buy me a coffee, it doesn't feel as forced, no one has to become a monthly supporter, if you want to praise the Lord, but if you just want to give a one time give every now and then for an evangelism outreach or towards the radio program with buy me a coffee you can do so easily and it also feels a bit more personal. At least to me, it does!

It's like meeting with a friend to hang out and buying them a coffee.

So if you are interested in helping us once, twice, or as many times as you feel the desire to do so, we would sincerely appreciate any support.

Thank you in advance!