5 minute silence challenge

This week we will explore what our inner self has to say by sitting in silence. Yes I know how tough this will be. We are all use to moving as fast as our thoughts.

The difference here we will be observing what the mind has to say. No judgment no expectations. You are the creator. Do it when you can once a day. I don't care if it's in the morning or at night. As long as we set 5 minutes aside for our well-being.

Items you will need:

  • A set time and place you will be practicing this task. (In the kitchen at 5 am or in the bathroom while I shower).

  • A timer from the dollar store

  • Your journal

  • A quite space

  • No sounds at all, keep your phone in another room on do not disturb.

Sit in your comfortable spot, set your alarm for five minutes, sit up straight focus on your breath. Allow your mind to chatter you continue to breathe without judgement. Once the alarm stops bring yourself back into awareness of your surroundings. Grab your journal and write down your experience.

Comment below your thoughts or possible challenges.