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By 2019 I was able to recognize and restore the foundation of my confidence and self-esteem. The year I was brave enough to ask for a table space at a community fair as a tarot reader (first time ya'll).

Being a middle child living in The Bronx in 1991 was not an easy road during my younger years, I was made fun of due to my bad vision, Spanish accent, having dark skin (the use to call me blacky..LMFAO), thick eye brows and unattended hair. Kids in school as well as my own family members would make it their business to make me feel bad. We will see this as normal until it transitions into our adulthood feeling defeated and disempowering us when we go for a job interview, get into a relationship or join a new community. We may feel like we do not deserve to be part of the experiences of love, joy, wealth and so forth.

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I worked really hard on my self-esteem growing up, I took the unhealthy route and externally empowered myself. See at age 18 I had left my traumatized younger self behind when I moved into my own apartment (It was a party baby). See you later little Miledys HAHAHAH, age 18-33 I took international and local trips, deep into fashion, had high paying jobs and several lovers. I took care of myself physically, mentally and socially. People still made fun of me at work due to my careless attitude, writing and grammar. Well emotionally I never cried even if there was a death in the family, I was not attached to any of my lovers and I had a terrible relationship with all of my family members (we tolerated one another). Hot mess running in these streets, I also consumed a lot of alcohol and had a food addiction. I was not prepared for the comeback, my inner child decided to show up in 2018 after 15 year demanding attention.

This is when I had to take a step back and look at life with a different pair of glasses. DO I REALLY LOVE MYSELF? WHO THE FUCK AM I? AM I NORMAL FOR NOT CRYING? WHY DON'T MY PARENTS TALK ABOUT SELF-CARE?

At age 33 ya'll c'mon Jesus help your girl out, it was quite painful I truly wanted to take the easy road but what would my friends and family think if I jumped in the East River? Nahhhh I knew I could get through this. I was fortunate my mother was still alive and we healed what we could together. That helped a lot, see 80% of my wounds were created by my mother (this is not the blame game) the lessons during childhood were not focused on self. External validation and material success was way more important, which was the foundation. There had to be a way to combate this I was not ready for therapy due to another trauma growing up as a child, so the choices were getting slim.

It wasn't until I tapped into Reiki as client, student and practitioner that I began to innerstand all of the messages my body was trying to tell me. All the anxiety, depressed and lack of self -love and self sabotage was the cry of my wounds asking to be healed. Consciously for the last 4 years I have been taking my time decluttering and restoring my self compassion, confidence and self -esteem. That is 4/15 years of painful memories and physical struggle, I am committed to my healing and will not be rushing it.


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