Happy Friday!

We are growing into a great group and I am excited for those who have joined us beyond a support into an action member. Last month we began our manifestation journey, this month we will be working with a specific plant to draw in our desires. Join us to discover how powerful you truly are, give yourself a boost.

Photo by Neil Thomas

Next week we will be introducing a weekly summary on what we may expect based on the planetary actions. I've been using the Llewelly's Daily Planetary Guide "> for over 4 years now, I will have to say it has yet to stir me wrong. I will post a week ahead to prepare us; giving a sense of control on our actions.

I also use a combination of several astrologers on YouTube to make sense of my daily actions and activities. They have dedicated their days and hours towards their mission to guide us towards love, compassion and wholeness from within. To mention a few Christopher Witeki, Astrolada and Molly McCord who have been sharing astrological information for over 20 years.

A few specials to assist you gently on your healing journey TOGETHER we can work towards what that looks like.

4 spots left for Tarot Card Special before it goes back to regular price (save $23)

We now have 17 open slots for our 45 minute Distance Reiki Sessions available via Zoom (save $15).

For additional details before booking here is the link to get information Reiki.

See you all tomorrow On Facebook for our weekly lives.

We are all healing including me, let's continue to encourage one another to be the highest version of ourselves.

I love you all to my core, may we continue to grow and keep faith that we are being guided towards greatness. No matter what we are facing.

Con much Amor

Miledys -G.Hoodbudda