Hello hello! :)

Right now I want to make sure to give an update on how things are rolling along. I’m currently working on my big project (Portoviejo Project) so I’ve been trying to invest my time and energy into that but I keep running into the same problems of being overdemanding and understaffed (well it is just me so you know).

The idea of what I want is for the most part clear, even took the time to make sure to write down as many things as possible that I could add to the video but executing is has been tough because my 100% complete vision would require drone shots, permission from places to record, and help from at least one other person to record it all. Unfortunately the only thing I can probably manage by myself is getting the permission because most places I’m sure would be happy to let me record but the others are pretty tough.

This is the problem with being overdemanding with myself but it’s all to make the most ideal video for you, I want the video to be entertaining, informative, and visually stunning because I want the person who watches it to feel like they had a great time spending that time watching it. So please if I take a while just know it’s all to make the best video for you.

And yeah other than that I did want to get a little more personal as I do here and say that I did a 73 hour fast (basically didn’t eat for 3 days) and I’m really proud of myself for it because I always feel much healthier when I do prolonged fasting and also between us when I do a prolonged fast it feels like some money has been saved that can be put towards something else. A good example of this was having my wisdom tooth removed yesterday, not the most expensive procedure but that went very well too and now I feel I won’t have to worry about any tooth issues in the near future. :D

I’m planning on making some of these updates for supporters and members since there’s so much more I’d like to say but I feel not everyone will want to listen but I know that those who support me on that level will probably want to know more so I’ll be doing that as soon as I can! 🔜

And that’s all I have to say for now, I’ll leave some photos of the park I took the other day when I went to record which are nice but still feel like without the birds eye view aren’t enough, but that could just be me. I would appreciate any feedback on my big video plans!

Make sure you take care, stay safe, and as always

Ace out ❤️♠️⚔️