First as the title says, it is my brother’s bday this month and as always it’s just good to know that him and my parents are alright. I always want what’s best for them even if I can only contribute the smallest part to keeping things good for now. I’ll probably post again on the 21st or make a video for him because that’s what I do best 👏🏼

Moving on to future plans I should discuss what’s happened. I did two livestreams in a row that I feel went much better than I expected. I really put myself out there but it allowed me to meet the mayor and get some words from him for everyone watching, not to mention I also got to show everyone the inauguration of the largest artificial water fountain in Manabi. The second day was fun because it involved anime which is one of my passions and I was really happy to share those moments with those who joined to watch. Those two videos alone really were something else weren’t they? 🥹

Moving forward I’ve been trying to get things prepared for my next video because I want to talk about education but goodness, it’s been quite the mess getting permissions and at the rate things are going I might just end up doing the video differently from how I was envisioning it. I really don’t like messing with my creative vision but I also can’t stop making videos, unfortunately it’s really detrimental to growth in YouTube and more so the fact that i can’t get the information out as quickly as possible stresses me out because I feel like I’m letting everyone down. I will most certainly be working on my videos as I always am and giving the best quality possible 💯

I’ve also delved a bit into shorts to make sure there’s new content and showing smaller things they maybe don’t merit a big video so I hope you enjoy them ✨

And as a final update I do want to talk about my big plan for the beginning of next month. I will be attending the Budokan in Guayaquil. The Budokan is one of the biggest comic/anime events in Guayaquil (maybe even in Ecuador) so I will definitely be there live-streaming this year to show as much of it as my data plan allows. I really hope everyone can make it because it’s gonna be a totally different experience! 🔥

Other than that the only other thing I can mention is that personally I’ve been keeping my health as well as possible although I’m not sure if not being able to make videos or feeling like certain situations around the house are making me anxious. The reason why I feel this might be the case is because I’ve had a higher need to go to the bathroom (urinate) and it concerns me a bit because at this point it doesn’t feel very normal. That being said I will definitely see what I can do about it and keep taking care of myself as always. ✅

So I really hope you take care, always do what you gotta do, and as always

Ace out ❤️♠️⚔️

Photo with the mayor 🎉