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Update a lot done

Aug 07, 2022

Hello everyone, this year has gone by quickly and wanted you all to be aware of the succusses that have kept us busy.

We are on these social media platforms just click a link will take you there , on Instagram , tic tok ,discord, Facebook page and Facebook group .

LIVE gamer hang out , 4pm central time Every Sunday. is live call in where you can join us live for video chat on Games you enjoy

broadcast to our Facebook page, group, and YouTube channel. BE THERE

listen and be a part of live on air with our podcasts,

contact us for bookings at [email protected] come on and talk about the games you love and your channel or links, let us know!

Our podcast can be found on I heart radio, and spotify and anchor, just search the name , were not famous yet but we are having fun.

We will be doing more posting here as it has not been out intention to slack off ,lol just busy and a new gamers with coffee website is coming, so support is appreciated and if you want a cool coffee mug or t-shirt , visit our store at

Thank you for your support it helps greatly. come join the fun Sundays 4pm central time for our live hangout and join in.


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