Hi folk, I would just like to thank you all for your kind support, It make a huge difference to me,

Not alone does a good cup of coffee keep me going, But it also enables me me to help someone out that needs are greater than mine, You can be assured I pass kindness on whenever I can,

And I can say I have done, Many have sacrificed a great deal in these times,

My need are very basic,

Wealth and its accumulation is not one of my desires .

So I hold no real financial wealth,

I own no properties anymore,

Most of what I had I have given away.

I have learnt one true thing in my life ,

That is when you lose something or someone in your life that no amount of money can replace, It puts it into context.

The greatest gift you can give to me is a little of your time to listen and share your thoughts and opinions with me.

Again I wish to thank you so much.

Cheers Gabriel ☀️.