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A short example of my work...




 The red jeep sat with its engine off and hazards on, off to the side of the empty country road. Its driver sat on the hood staring at the sunset with her camera raised. 

It was the sort of sunset you only ever got after a heavy rain. Pure gold adorning the edges of the clouds, bathing the earth below with the riches of the last warm rays of sunlight before giving way to various pigments of lilacs and fuchsias.

The girl had taken several photos already — the sunset, a white cottage peeking from a line of trees on the other side of the paddock, and a lemon tree growing for so long it had begun to take part of the wooden fence as its own. Now she waited for the perfect next shot.

Movement caught her eye, a red ribbon fluttering in the hair of a young woman tromping across the paddock from the cottage, wiping flour-covered hands on a paw-print apron.

“You, again.” The woman crossed her arms as she reached the fence.

“Me, again.” she replied jauntily.

“I ought to call the police this time.” The woman raised her phone, showing her thumb on the emergency call icon.

“I know you won’t,” the girl said with a small smile. “I’m sorry for being here a lot, but I love this tree.”
The woman contemplated this, and turned the phone off. “Fine, just be gone by the end of the evening.” 

“I’ll only be a few more minutes. Join me?” the younger (though not by much) offered.

The woman thought for a moment, but found her body moving before her brain could catch up. Vaulting the wooden fence, she landed with a slight splash as her feet hit a small puddle of water. She walked to stand next to the car, looking up at the girl, then out at the sky.

They sat in the comfortable silence found between people just starting to find the habits of one another charming, watching the sunset until finally the girl raised her camera and took several quick shots — right as the richest gold rays mingled with the lilac and fuchsia before giving way to the navy blue of night.

“You get the shot you want?” the woman asked. 

“Almost.” the girl replied, turning and taking her picture. “I’d say I’ve got it now.” 

“Hey!” the woman protested with a startled laugh. 

The girl only smiled and jumped down. “I hear there’s supposed to be another storm next Thursday.” The younger putting her lens cap on the camera and got in her car. “Thanks for joining me.”

“I’ll call the police ahead of time,” responded the woman.

“You won’t,” shot back the girl, starting her engine. 

The woman considered this. “It’s Tuesday, not Thursday.”

“Right. Tuesday it is,” smiled the girl. “See you then.”

The woman with the red ribbon nodded and stepped back, watching the car chase the last of the sunset.