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I'm pleased to see you even take the time to consider 'buying me a coffee' and support is a platform updated and supported by one person and that's me. I spend quit a bit spare time and personal money in this project, because I love games and am always interested in news. I truly believe adds value by collecting release dates, trailers and screenshots in an eye-appealing way so visitors can 'Find release dates and Discover new games'.

Like I said, it cost some money to keep this platform up and running (e.g. hosting the website at a provider) and in order to improve the experience I constantly try to make technical and visual changes. This can be done by small adjustments which only cost time. But the bigger the improvements (like adding a new function) the more likely professional resources and support is needed and this costs money.

If you like and are willing to give financial support you can 'Buy me a coffee'. Every donation helps a lot and will be used for the purpose of developing and maintaining

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