According to Chinese media, Yang Mi had an eye accident while filming a TV show. This makes the movie “Ho love the little Hong Niang” that she is acting in, affecting the filming schedule.

Yang Mi is one of the top famous stars in the Chinese language. The beauty resonated through the Palace of Radiant Hearts, Tam was born in the three worlds, and she dug flowers, and Queen Phu Dao..

Recently, Duong Mich’s fans were stirred up by rumors that she had trouble filming the show Great Escape 4 of Mango TV. After that, Duong Mich’s representative confirmed the incident. According to Duong Mich’s manager, the actress was injured above the eyelids, the corners of her eyes and has been stitched to treat the wound, her condition is stable.

After this incident, the production unit apologized to Duong Mich, admitting that the process had not been done well, causing an accident for the actress. The station said it will strengthen safety protection for players and studio staff.

Before this incident, the actress’s fans were angry and asked to stop broadcasting the show Great Escape 4, which is a program that challenges players’ intellect and physical strength. In addition to Duong Mich, the show has the participation of Tran Vy Dinh, Hoang Minh Hao…

The accident also greatly affected Duong Mich’s work, specifically the filming schedule of “Ho love Tieu Hong Niang”.

It is not known whether the film producer or Duong Mich has asked the organizers of the show Great Escape 4 to compensate for damage. However, the incident also caused this unit to affect its reputation significantly. Because Duong Mich is a star with more than 110 million fans on social networks. Her influence on the Chinese entertainment industry is huge.