Happy New Year!!

We're getting VERY close to finishing both seasons of our current shows, can you believe it?? By the way, January 5 marks the one year anniversary of when I started recording Vampire Diaries reviews! Didn't start uploading until February, but it's crazy to me that I've been consistently reviewing the show for almost an entire year!! And to think, I just picked TVD at random because I wanted to practice my reviewing skills. I never even intended anyone to hear those reviews initially. Now here we are. I couldn't have picked a better show. To think I spent all these years without Damon Salvatore in my life. How did I even survive?!?! xD

Thanks for making my 2020 a pretty great year, despite all the craziness going on in the world. I hope everyone has the best 2021!

So for January, the schedule is basically staying the same. Red indicates YouTube uploads and green indicates BMC uploads. I will be trying to upload Walking Dead to YouTube again, but AMC blocks everything, so I don't know. They just manually blocked my review for 9x06 (meaning it passed the content ID system but was blocked by a human), which I uploaded PRIVATELY a week ago. How are they even able to search for a private video in order to manually block it?? I don't know. It's exhausting. I've never had this kind of trouble with Vampire Diaries. :/