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Generation Empowered birthday campaign.
I am asking for sponsors to support youth to take part in our programs.

I have been running Womens circles for years, before that I sat behind a hairstylist chair and listened & the biggest thing I learned is we all have stories, heart ache & loneliness.
As well as so much of it could have been helped if one person had proactively just listened. Offered an ear, support, easy solutions that would have huge impact on a young person to change the misdirection of seeking validation from the outside, not knowing it was within them the whole time.

When I was growing up, those few people who led with kindness stand out.

I wish I’d had another way out.
I wish someone had told me I had options in life, education.
I wish someone had told me to wait for someone to love me for my heart and soul not my ass.

I learned these lessons on my own.
Now, I want to expand supporting reactively & telling those who are young & impressionable to know their self worth, their options, that having boundaries only strengthens their value.

That is why Generation Empowered is so important.

We are looking to launch a 4 week virtual work shop for August, then set up in a physical location for September.
$25 gives a youth 1 class that will change their perspective on themselves.
$25 is a proactive beginning to them seeing their worth inside first & not being so strongly influenced by peer pressure, or seeking outside validations.
$25 to teach inclusivity, diversity, pride & so much more.
$25 a youth gives them exposure to guest speakers, new thoughts, and people who believe in them.
$25 offers parents support.
Single parents, double working parents, shift working parents, grandparents.

I invite you to think about what a difference this would have made in your life & offer $25 to begin changing the life of a child in our community.

No child gets left behind.
No child is not worth living their  best life.
No parent will be shamed for reaching out.

Generation Empowered
This is the why.