I'm becoming an old lady. And the odd jobs I do, no. It's time for me to be smart about how I use my energy. I rather create art and do give a ways, then break my back trying to make my goals.

So, I am turning to you and coffee. Like, who doesnt love coffee?! Even if it is just a figure of speech! ;)

I am excited to expand my ability to support myself in a new way. The money that will be gained from here will be buy supplies, and help support my goals in my music and my kung fu journey. I have a club I am running. And it cant run on practice alone. I have to pay the rent.

So, thats where your kindness and coffee cups will be going. I dont need to be rich. I dont need to have billions following me. Though, that would be interesting.... none the less, I just want to be able to not have to pinch pennies and be able to stare off into the sun set while I pump gas.

Your monthly contribution will give you free access to when i do videos. Still learning how i will be able to do that here. So if you are passing by my page and know how, tips?

Your yearly will give you an hour free lesson per month. (Supplies needed will be on you.)

I will be working on many give a ways, and other cool rewards.

So here is to 2021~ the year Stubby got her empire moving! <3