I love when listeners reach out. It's always nice to hear from someone that they enjoy the show. I especially love when they reach out with topic ideas and that is how this one came about. Listener and geocaching mom, Kelsie (who is also in the episode) reached out and said she would love to hear more from other geocaching moms. As a geocaching mom myself, I thought this was a great idea and started running with it right away. Kelsie and I messaged back and forth on Facebook and came up with the names of two other geocaching moms who have a social media presence that highlights geocaching with their kids. I'm so grateful to Kelsi, Lanisa, and Angie for joining me to talk about being a geocaching mom and caching with kids and also on their own as acts as self care. I had so much fun talking with all three of them. I hope you enjoy the episode as well and maybe even found some advice in it that you can use.