As summer is approaching and end of the Covid-19 pandemic appears to finally be in sight (fingers crossed) my husband and I started talking about a vacation that we, like many others, had to post pone due to the pandemic. As we start talking about making plans again for a multi state road trip, I very much informed him I wanted to get a few caches along the way. I want those new state souvenirs and that one webcam cache I've been eyeing ever since we start talking about this trip. With all this in mind, I thought why not do a podcast episode on it. I didn't want to do an interview with a single cacher for this one as everyone has different tips and ideas of what to do. So I decided to make a compilation instead. I reached out to some other cachers, some who have been guest on the show and some who I found on social media, and asked them if they would be willing to record a tip for the episode. I love hearing other cachers takes on things and what their "one tip" is for a topic. I hope you enjoy it as well.