I had the pleasure of guesting on the Caching in the Northwest podcast to talk about geocaching with kids (you can check that out here). I had a lot of fun talking with all three host, Chris of the Northwest, LANMonkey and Witzend. Being part of a live podcast was very different. It was hard to not get distracted by the live comments in the chat section, but it was a great experience. I had originally emailed with Chris to setup the episode and had asked if he would be interested in gusting on my podcast as well. He agreed and said he would be happy to talk about any geocaching topic I'd like. I have an on going list of topic ideas so I had plenty to choose from. Caching etiquette was one I had been contemplating for a while and when I mentioned it to Chris, he thought it was a great topic to cover. The rest, as they say, is history. We did a Zoom and made the episode and I'm pretty pleased with how it went. It was great working with Chris and I am working out plans to have LANMonkey and Witzend guest on the podcast was well but that's a story for another day.